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in cafécafé we ​​are lovers of coffee that helps protect the planet, shade-grown coffee, coffee grown by people who work the land. We are people who love the process from planting to enjoying a good cup of coffee, people who like to go to our favorite coffees to try the new beans that have just arrived from the southern mountains of Oaxaca or from La Cañada, from Xicotepec or from our favorite roaster in Orizaba. people who put too much focus on the temperature of the water when we prepare coffee at home with our favorite method.

That's why we launched this site to answer the idea, "hey, what if it were possible to find the best coffees in Mexico in one place?" a place that pays tribute to all the people who dedicate their lives so that Mexicans can enjoy a good coffee, a coffee that comes from a forest, a coffee that gives work to the people of this forest, a coffee that ensures that the trees that gives them shade continues to grow, that the town's economy is still alive.

when you buy coffee from cafécafé, you help the person who opened your favorite coffee shop to teach the people of their neighborhood that Mexican coffee is very good and that more Mexicans should know this AND that they should drink Mexican coffee daily, either by visiting their favorite coffee shop or at by drinking coffee at home in their favorite mug.

Buying your coffee from cafécafé means buying from all the people who work in the chain from the farm to your cup, it means helping to protect the planet for future generations.

It means being cafécafé people.